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We operate from a six acre fully licensed Materials Reclamation Facility (MRF) in Worsley, Greater Manchester, which is situated less than 1 mile from Junction 4 of the M61 motorway and approximately 3 miles from the M60 ring road and main motorway network. Our location enables us as a company to access the motorway network quickly and provide a fast and reliable service to our customers.

The site comprises our newly built offices, a dedicated garage for the manufacture and repair of our container hire fleet and maintenance of our vehicle fleet, a state of the art bespoke 24 man 12 bay processing and picking line, a plastics sorting/grading and baling area, aggregate storage and crushing/screening area and a bespoke mineral fines re-processing line.


All waste entering our site is weighed on a digital weighbridge with the load being recorded within our fully integrated IT system. The load is then tipped within our designated controlled tipping area and our Waste Compliance Officer then classifies the load into its composite waste streams. This information is then transposed onto our online waste reporting portal which is load, skip, site and company specific.

Plant and Abilities

The waste is then pre-sorted by means of specialised waste re-handling machines along with manual assistance removing the larger pieces of the waste being recovered. After this initial process the waste is then fed into a material size reducer which reduces its size in readiness for the further mechanical separation.

The remaining waste is then fed into our state of the art mechanical waste separation process where the waste passes over a series of conveyors and through several rotating trommels, wind sifters, optical separators, eddy currents, magnets and finally onto two manual picking lines, one for the heavier of waste and the other for the lighter fractions of waste.

This process separates wood, metal, nonferrous metal, plastics, polythene, bricks, concrete, soils, cardboard and paper.

The separated waste streams are then processed further either here on site or sent onto more specialist recyclers such as wood recyclers.

Whilst the above is a tried and well tested system based on over 25 years’ experience we are constantly improving our facility and investing in new plant and machinery. Our continual investment ensures that we are at the forefront of waste recovery and waste recycling technology.

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