Our Vision - To be the Best

Our vision is a simple one - to be the best we possibly can be for our customers and the global environment, enhancing closed loop recycling in the UK and generating UK based
sustainable jobs.

Everything we do is driven by our commitment to our customers, and our three core values; ‘recover, divert from landfill and recycle’. We are determined to continue our efforts to reduce the amount of construction, demolition and excavation waste that goes to landfill and as such, we have signed up to the WRAP Halving Waste to Landfill Commitment.

Divert from Landfill

With landfill sites in the UK reaching capacity, it is imperative that all companies and individuals take responsibility and ensure that as much of their waste as possible is recycled. To safeguard the future of our environment, waste needs to be seen as a resource that can be recycled and reused, not just as a nuisance to be dumped into a landfill site and left to rot.


Kenny Waste Management’s continued investment in sustainable projects, including closed loop recycling and renewable soils, in addition to continuous investment in our recycling centre, demonstrates our commitment to reducing both our carbon footprint and that of our customers.

By using Kenny Waste Management, customers can be confident they are using a reputable waste management company that is visibly committed to recycling their waste and providing them with an auditable report trail.

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Our Vision

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Our extensive facility and plant is able to accommodate tipping from 3rd party waste companies.