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Working with our community: Kenny Waste Management helps a local family

Working with our community: Kenny Waste Management helps a local family

Sometimes we all just need a bit of extra help. Lisa White from local mental health charity Mind In Salford reached out to us on behalf of one of her clients, who needed a skip but was unable to afford one.

It’s a case of how one simple gesture can make a huge difference. Lisa’s client is a mum-of-three who had left an abusive relationship and was trying to make a go of it as a single parent. She struggles with depression and anxiety, and one of her symptoms is a tendency to hoard. Social services asked her to manage her excessive hoarding; however, unfortunately, were unable to supply a skip. Lisa’s lady wanted to provide a comfortable and clutter-free home for her children, but with very little money, she couldn’t begin to start a clear out…


Lisa got in touch with Kenny Waste Management, knowing about our community outreach work, and asked if we were able to help. Her story really touched us: this was a struggling individual trying to do the right thing but hitting a barrier due to costs. We supplied Mind in Salford with an eight-yard skip and delivered it to Lisa’s client.

The lady’s friends and neighbours helped her clear her home and fill the skip, and she bravely made the first move towards conquering her hoarding and providing a comfortable home for her young family.

Lisa says, “It’s great that organisations and local businesses can come together to assist local people in need.”

At Kenny Waste Management, our Driving Change social enterprise programme aims to support local people in need of some extra help. To find out more about Driving Change please visit our website at

We’d like to wish Lisa’s client all the best for the future, and we were pleased to be able to help her and her family.

Leaving a lighter footprint: our new substation reduces carbon emissions




Leaving a lighter footprint: our new substation reduces carbon emissions

We all want to tread lighter upon the Earth. At Kenny Waste Management, we work with organisations across the UK to help them reduce and recycle their waste. But what are we doing ourselves to become a more sustainable organisation?

We were delighted when we found out earlier this month that our new electrical substation is already having an impact on our carbon footprint.

In just one year, we reduced the carbon emissions at our waste transfer station by 32%.

But what is a carbon footprint, and how do we know that ours is improving?

What is a carbon footprint?

It’s a term we all use – but what exactly is a carbon footprint? Our carbon footprint measures the impact our activities have on the environment. It’s calculated by measuring the amount of greenhouse gases (mostly carbon dioxide, hence the name) that are released by a specific activity and is expressed as tons of CO2 emitted.

All different sorts of human activity have a carbon footprint, and they naturally affect each other. This can make it complicated to calculate: for example, your business has hybrid vehicles and solar panels, but your suppliers haven’t, so their carbon usage has some impact on your footprint.

The Greenhouse Gas Protocol divides emissions into three “scopes”. Scope 1 refers to emissions that an activity generates directly – for example, the gases we make while powering our waste transfer mechanisms. Scope 2 is about direct emissions where the activity uses something generated offsite that causes greenhouse gases – plugging in to grid-generated electricity is a good example of this. Scope 3 is indirect emissions, such as staff driving to work in their own diesel-powered cars.

From now on any company that uses our waste transfer station will be reducing their scope 2 emissions, thanks to our new substation.

How has Kenny Waste Management reduced its carbon footprint?

We are reducing our carbon footprint one step at a time; and recently, we’ve been focussing on our waste transfer station.

We previously powered our site at Worsley using a red diesel-powered generator. This is a common way of generating energy in this sort of location; however, it generates carbon emissions and has a negative effect on the immediate environment. We wanted to use something cleaner.

We approached UPA Energy, a Cheshire company specialising in environmentally-friendly energy management, to design us a dedicated onsite electrical substation. In 2016, we powered it up for the first time… All ran smoothly – but was it fulfilling our brief of reducing emissions?

After a year of running our transfer operation from the substation, we wanted to make sure it was making a difference. And it certainly has! Our CO2 emissions at the waste transfer station decreased by a huge 32% from 2016 to 2017, reducing the site’s carbon footprint by almost a third.

Our figures were calculated by Manchester-based specialists Business Growth Hub, who among other services, support organisations in their missions to work sustainably.

Follow in our footsteps? Here’s how we can help you

Working with Kenny Waste Management automatically reduces your organisation’s footprint. How? Step away from carbon for a moment. CO2 gets a lot of press; however, greenhouse gas also includes methane. Methane (CH4) is more potent than CO2 and has a heat-trapping effect, contributing towards global warming. One of the major causes of methane is gas from landfill sites – and thanks to our policy of diverting from landfill, your waste shouldn’t contribute towards CH4 emissions.

We can also calculate the carbon footprint of your waste management for you, using the Government’s emission conversion factors. This gives you regular data about your organisation’s waste disposal footprint – another job taken off your hands.

Find out more about how working with Kenny Waste Management can help your organisation take steps towards being more sustainable.

Driving Change – positively impacting the lives of many people

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Driving Change: Our Social Strategy

As the largest independent waste business in Manchester, we have made a conscious decision to make a difference in the communities that we serve, we are investing our time, expertise and capital into an exciting and entirely new venture for the company. Our Social Enterprise Project is called “Driving Change” and will positively impact the lives of many people in our communities over the coming years.

The primary function of “Driving Change” is to make a difference to people’s lives, people who want or need a helping hand in life, or just simply need somebody to believe in them and provide a platform or opportunity with training and support.

The social benefit that our project delivers will be calculated by ANTZ Network who are an independent charity closely associated with the DWP and Manchester Chamber of Commerce. Our social value report will be 100% transparent and auditable and our aim is for the enterprise to produce a social value of £1,000,000 by summer 2019.

The 3 elements of “Driving Change” will benefit communities in 3 different ways.

Driving Change: Long Term Unemployed

Untitled design (12)

Many people leave school or college with little or no idea of what they want to do with their lives, some fall into jobs which are uninspiring or poorly matched to the their skills or aspirations, many, though a product of bad luck or bad judgement, fall into the unemployment trap.

Our research shows that many local 21 to 30-year olds who are long term unemployed would relish the chance of a career as a HGV driver, however, the cost of obtaining the drivers license let alone a HGV license is a huge barrier to that career.

Our “Driving Change” programme will provide a platform for that opportunity whilst simultaneously ensuring that we secure our next generation of drivers, drivers who will be sourced locally at great benefit to the community and who will produce a real tangible social benefit.

Richard Millar is our first graduate from the scheme. Richard is 28 years old, lives locally and has progressed through the driver training programme. Richard now holds a Class 1 HGV license and is eligible to drive all vehicles within our fleet.

Driving Change: Ex-offenders

Our ex-offender programme is designed to give people who have made a mistake in life a second chance, we firmly believe that a mistake in life shouldn’t define a person or what they can achieve once they have recognised the error of their ways.

If the person is prepared to agree to make the change and maintaining a positive attitude to work and our business then we are prepared to provide all the support that they need to become an important part of our team.

We have recently offered a position to a candidate to come and work in our Trade Waste department. They have a good education with 10 GCSE’s and 2 A-Levels, and has all the right experience to help with planning and scheduling, which is a key requirement for the success of our Trade Division.

The social benefit of integrating ex-offenders back into the workplace and providing a solid foundation for rehabilitation is extremely valuable to society and as a company we are extremely proud to provide that platform.

Driving Change: Apprentice Scheme


In 2017, we partnered with Harrop Fold High School, a school which contains some of the most socially deprived children in the North West. Daisy and Shauna are the first to take part in our apprentice scheme and we couldn’t be happier with their progress.

Not all school leavers want to go to college, some want to work for a company and obtain valuable on job training whilst earning a salary and becoming independent.

Daisy and Shauna are studying for a business administration qualification with an approved apprenticeship training provider and are showing great potential, we hope that they stay with the business for a very long time and continue to learn and grow with the business.

We are due to re-visit the school in March 2018 to offer 2 further places to interested school leavers and hope to extend our offering to other local schools as the business grows.

Driving Change: Get in touch

We are passionate about the impact we are making with “Driving Change” and should you feel you have knowledge of somebody who could benefit from our help, please get in touch with us at





Kenny Waste Management help Primary School Pupils & Lovell supply aid to Uganda

A community in central Uganda will have an extra special Christmas this year thanks to pupils from a Blantyre primary school.

Kenny Waste Management, Lovell and pupils from Auchinraith Primary School & Duncanrig Secondary School have raised £45,000 which allowed 16 secondary school pupils and 4 members of staff to spend two weeks visiting Kiryanyzona, Uganda helping with various initiatives such as clearing the roadside to avoid children being bitten by snakes on their way to school


The children also filled an old shipping container with essential supplies and shipped it to the small village of Kiryanyzona in the district of Lowero, Uganda. Their supplies included solar panels, plumbing kits and power cables. The equipment will reach the village in time for Christmas and was sent out as part of a joint fundraising effort for the Luwero Project, an initiative that supports the community of Kiryanyzona, many of whom are young children who have lost both their parents to the Ugandan AIDs epidemic.

Head Teacher at Auchinraith Primary School Julie McCulloch said: “Thanks to Lovell and the generous support of Kenny Waste Management and others we have been able to donate essential materials which all help the Luwero community build a sustainable future. Without their incredible support this worthwhile project could not take place and Lovell have certainly proved its commitment to creating long term partnerships with the communities where it works while leaving a positive, lasting legacy, not just for us here in Blantyre but for the Luwero community in Uganda as well.”

Kenny Waste Management supply skips throughout Scotland and on a National scale, if you have any enquiries then please ring 0161 703 1730.

Kenny Waste Management ‘Wear It Pink’ for Breast Cancer Now

Kenny Waste Management raised an amazing £725.21 by “wearing it pink” for a day, which will hopefully go a long way towards making life saving research happen. Every bit of pink we wore, every pink cake we baked (and ate!) and every raffle book we sold got ‘Breast Cancer Now’ a little bit closer to the day where everyone who develops breast cancer has a better chance of a full recovery.

Right now, ‘Breast Cancer Now’ have got over 450 scientists across the United Kingdom & Ireland working to discover the best ways to prevent breast cancer, detect it earlier, treat it better and stop it taking lives.

For the office staff and the drivers of our fleet of skip hire and trade waste vehicles (who wore pink Hi Vis jackets for the day) this is a great achievement.

Thank you to everyone at Kenny Waste Management for raising such an incredible amount of money.

Wear It Pink Certificate

Ministerial Visit in Partnership with the Business Growth Hub

During the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester, Kenny Waste Management were invited to attend a talk with a ministerial delegation.

Kenny Waste Management were invited to attend by the Business Growth Hub as we are a growing Manchester business who are looking to embrace technology and provide unique offerings to large construction companies in Manchester that take their Corporate & Social Responsibility seriously.

This event was a great opportunity to voice Kenny Waste Management’s delight at partnering with the Business Growth Hub to two members of the serving government. Our idea to use cutting edge technology to improve the accuracy and speed of identifying the types of waste that are contained in skip loads containing mixed waste was avidly listened to by Elizabeth Truss (Chief Secretary to the Treasury) & Margot James (Minister for Small Business, Consumers and Corporate Responsibility).

Liz Truss & Margot James Business Growth Hub & Business Growth Company Leaders with Chief Secretary to the Treasury Liz Truss & Minister for Small Business, Consumers and Corporate Responsibility Margot James

Anthony Evans (Senior National Accounts) who attended the event on behalf of Kenny Waste Management commented, “This was a real insight to the workings of the Business Growth Hub and how they help innovative businesses in the North West to grow and achieve their objectives. It was also beneficial to hear from government ministers who were very enthusiastic about the growth of Kenny Waste Management as a leading North West company, and our plans to move forward”.

Kenny Waste Management team up with ‘Truckskinz’ for brand new vehicle wraps

You may have noticed something different with the Kenny Waste Management fleet recently. The ‘Truckskinz’ team came to Kenny Waste Management to fit ‘Skinz’ to our Trade Waste fleet of vehicles.

The brand new ‘Skinz’ give our Trade Waste vehicles an edge on the road with maximum brand exposure.

With the recent accreditation of the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme and the new ‘Skinz’, we believe that the Kenny Waste Management fleet is one of the best in the North West.

To see more of the fitting process please click on the link below and watch the short video.

For any further information on our Trade Waste services or any Skip Hire & Waste Management services then please contact the office on 0161 790 3737.

Fors Story Trade Waste

Kenny Waste Management Plans Industry-First Visual Recognition Project

Kenny Waste Management is collaborating with Manchester University and the Low Carbon Sector to transform its waste identification and waste reporting process to set us apart from other Waste Management businesses throughout the UK.


From small beginnings over 30 years ago Kenny Waste Management has quickly grown into a full-service Waste Management company employing over 100 people and servicing a number of high profile blue chip clients, SME and businesses. Kenny Waste Management has built its reputation on excellent service, competitive pricing and we are continually looking at ways to innovate and improve our service, staying one step ahead of the competition.

Our latest idea is to use cutting edge technology to improve the accuracy and speed of identifying the types of waste that are contained in skip loads containing mixed waste when they arrive back at our facility. Whilst Kenny Waste Managements’ reporting process is already industry leading; the project seeks to improve the process with an automated system which will benefit Kenny Waste Managements’ customers by providing more accurate information on the types and quantities of wastes that are being produced.


To put the correct technology in place Kenny Waste Management are collaborating with the University of Manchester and experts in Greater Manchester’s Business Growth Hub, and has secured a summer placement MSc student to undertake a feasibility assessment.

Paul Eagleton, Technical Director at Kenny Waste Management, commented, “Innovation plays a crucial role in maintaining our success and this automated reporting technology will be an industry-first.”

“Pending the outcome of the feasibility study, we plan to undertake more significant prototyping alongside the University and the Business Growth Hub, who have been hugely helpful in getting this project off the ground and providing wider support for Kenny Waste Management. All in all, the support has given us the confidence to create three new positions in our team.”


Additional support from low carbon sector advisers at the Business Growth Hub has helped Kenny Waste Management to better assess the viability of new waste markets and streams through market research, while plans are also in place to undertake a carbon foot printing exercise to improve environmental performance.

Vicky Wilding, low carbon sector adviser at the Business Growth Hub, said, “Kenny Waste Management is an exciting company to be supporting – not only because of their size but also because they have created a culture which encourages and supports innovation.

“This is not only of benefit to the company’s commercial success, but also sets a great example for the Waste Industry. We look forward to seeing what they can achieve in the future.”

If you would like to learn more about this exciting and innovative partnership then please do not hesitate to contact us.

New waste reporting portal is launched

Kenny Waste Management are delighted to announce that the business is to launch a new improved Waste Reporting Portal on 1st July 2017.

The new site will bring significant enhancements to the existing platform and give you much greater control over your reporting data, along with the provision of an easy-to-use management dashboard.

It will automatically replace the site that you are currently using to access your reports. You will not need to change your access links, usernames or passwords, and existing access rights will be maintained.

The portal is straight forward to use and we expectthat you will find it to be highly intuitive. Some key alterations are as follows:


The new home screen shows a configurable dashboard along with a menu on the left -hand side to access the main reporting, invoicing and paperwork sections.  The main dashboard allows you to see at-a-glance summaries for recycling information, service issues and key collection statistics.

By default, each section shows information for the last three months of collections, and they are configurable by using the icon at the top right corner of the reporting widget, as shown in the example below. To filter a graph to show information for certain sites only, simply use the icon.

Kenny Dashboard

Menu sections on the left hand site now include:

-        Address Groups – allowing you to create your own site groupings for reporting

-        Containers On Site – showing site-by-site details of containers

-        Documents – enabling access to collection paperwork.

-        Invoices & Reports

-        News

kennywastereports copy

Address Groups

The new address group section allows you to create address groups for reporting purposes. Once groups are created, reports can be run for those groups, saving you significant time in filtering reports. You will still be able to run reports as you did previously.

To add a group within this section, use the Add Group functionality and then simply add the sites to the list by using the drop-down list.



The majority of the reports that you use will remain the same, but with the added ability to enter required date ranges and site details.

When running any report, you will now be prompted for the start and end date for the report to run, along with the Address or Address Group that you wish to run it for.  The report can then be exported in the normal way.

We are sure you will welcome these changes but should you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing business and we look forward to continuing with the development of the platform to further enhance our reporting.

Should you require any further information on these changes please contact the National Accounts Department on 0161 703 1730 or email and we will be happy to help with your questions.

FORS Bronze Accreditation

Kenny Waste Management are delighted to announce that we have recently been awarded the FORS Bronze accreditation.

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The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) is a voluntary accreditation scheme that promotes best practice for commercial vehicle operators. With over 4,500 member FORS is gaining recognition with reputable UK transport based companies and clients alike.

JHP_6120 copy

With the FORS accreditation our fleet will prove to be safer, smarter and greener through improved vehicles, drivers, management and operation of our Regional Waste Management services, including Skip Hire, Trade Waste and Hazardous & Specialist Waste services.

The FORS accreditation will allow Kenny Waste Management to perform even more services for blue chip clients who really care about the safety of their workers, our drivers and the general public and will ensure that we are working to standards above and beyond the minimum legal requirements.

JHP_6218 copy

Lauren Ball, FORS Coordinator at Kenny Waste Management commented, “We are delighted with the recent news and we would firstly like to thank all of our drivers for their cooperation in helping Kenny Waste Management achieve the accreditation. We expect many positives from our association with FORS and we look forward to the future with excitement, we view our accreditation as a step towards the overall evolution and growth of the business into the number one waste services provider in the North West of England and hopefully beyond”.

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