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Driving Change – positively impacting the lives of many people

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Driving Change: Our Social Strategy

As the largest independent waste business in Manchester, we have made a conscious decision to make a difference in the communities that we serve, we are investing our time, expertise and capital into an exciting and entirely new venture for the company. Our Social Enterprise Project is called “Driving Change” and will positively impact the lives of many people in our communities over the coming years.

The primary function of “Driving Change” is to make a difference to people’s lives, people who want or need a helping hand in life, or just simply need somebody to believe in them and provide a platform or opportunity with training and support.

The social benefit that our project delivers will be calculated by ANTZ Network who are an independent charity closely associated with the DWP and Manchester Chamber of Commerce. Our social value report will be 100% transparent and auditable and our aim is for the enterprise to produce a social value of £1,000,000 by summer 2019.

The 3 elements of “Driving Change” will benefit communities in 3 different ways.

Driving Change: Long Term Unemployed

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Many people leave school or college with little or no idea of what they want to do with their lives, some fall into jobs which are uninspiring or poorly matched to the their skills or aspirations, many, though a product of bad luck or bad judgement, fall into the unemployment trap.

Our research shows that many local 21 to 30-year olds who are long term unemployed would relish the chance of a career as a HGV driver, however, the cost of obtaining the drivers license let alone a HGV license is a huge barrier to that career.

Our “Driving Change” programme will provide a platform for that opportunity whilst simultaneously ensuring that we secure our next generation of drivers, drivers who will be sourced locally at great benefit to the community and who will produce a real tangible social benefit.

Richard Millar is our first graduate from the scheme. Richard is 28 years old, lives locally and has progressed through the driver training programme. Richard now holds a Class 1 HGV license and is eligible to drive all vehicles within our fleet.

Driving Change: Ex-offenders

Our ex-offender programme is designed to give people who have made a mistake in life a second chance, we firmly believe that a mistake in life shouldn’t define a person or what they can achieve once they have recognised the error of their ways.

If the person is prepared to agree to make the change and maintaining a positive attitude to work and our business then we are prepared to provide all the support that they need to become an important part of our team.

We have recently offered a position to a candidate to come and work in our Trade Waste department. They have a good education with 10 GCSE’s and 2 A-Levels, and has all the right experience to help with planning and scheduling, which is a key requirement for the success of our Trade Division.

The social benefit of integrating ex-offenders back into the workplace and providing a solid foundation for rehabilitation is extremely valuable to society and as a company we are extremely proud to provide that platform.

Driving Change: Apprentice Scheme


In 2017, we partnered with Harrop Fold High School, a school which contains some of the most socially deprived children in the North West. Daisy and Shauna are the first to take part in our apprentice scheme and we couldn’t be happier with their progress.

Not all school leavers want to go to college, some want to work for a company and obtain valuable on job training whilst earning a salary and becoming independent.

Daisy and Shauna are studying for a business administration qualification with an approved apprenticeship training provider and are showing great potential, we hope that they stay with the business for a very long time and continue to learn and grow with the business.

We are due to re-visit the school in March 2018 to offer 2 further places to interested school leavers and hope to extend our offering to other local schools as the business grows.

Driving Change: Get in touch

We are passionate about the impact we are making with “Driving Change” and should you feel you have knowledge of somebody who could benefit from our help, please get in touch with us at