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Together Housing Group Visits Kenny Waste Management

Together Housing Group manages over 39,000 properties, providing a comprehensive range of support services which affect over 50,000 people’s lives over a huge geographical area in the North of England.

Employing more than 1,600 staff, Together Housing Group’s corporate vision is to offer consistently brilliant services and put social impact at the heart of everything they do.

Together Housing Group staff and local residents recently enjoyed a tour of our state of the art Materials Recycling Facility to further understand the regional Waste Management services that Kenny Waste Management offer and learn more about the Nationwide Waste Management Service that Kenny Waste Management offer to customers who have a large geographical area of work.

Together Housing Group are a valued customer and we take great pride in working with the local community wherever we can and educating local residents on how we recover, divert waste from landfill and recycle.

Kirsty Bickerstaffe, Deliver Manager at Together Housing Group, quoted, ‘it was a really informative enjoyable visit, everyone at Kenny Waste Management was really friendly and it was great to have the process explained to us and to understand the journey that the waste takes through Kenny Waste Management’s huge facility, we were very pleased to learn that a huge percentage of the recycled materials go to local companies who produce further products from the separated fractions of waste, we also learned about the end destinations of the waste which helps us to educate our staff and residents more informatively’.

The group were also interested to hear how we also handle Trade Waste, Hazardous Waste, Special Waste, WEEE Waste and difficult to handle waste at our Manchester Facility.

Together Housing Group visit Kenny Waste Management Together Housing Group visit Kenny Waste Management

Meet The New Starters

new-startersAs waste recycling specialists Kenny Waste Management have made two key appointments as it continues to expand its operations across the UK. The appointments are crucial roles to support our growth and our focus on customer care and support.

Graham Morris joins the company as Commercial Manager concentrating his efforts on expanding and developing our Trade Waste department. Graham will have a wide-ranging remit across the business with key roles including business growth, customer service, business strategies and marketing. With over 15 years experience within Commercial Trade Waste recycling in the North West Graham is fully committed to the task in hand.

“This is an amazing opportunity to join a forward thinking company with an outstanding reputation for customer service and a consistent professional approach to diverting waste from landfill. Kenny Waste Management have a team of dedicated staff supporting our client base and providing first class advice in an ever changing industry”.

Following a career break whilst dedicating her time to raise her young family, Sarah Hayden has now returned to work and joins Kenny Waste Management in the capacity of National Account Manager. Sarah’s role involves on-going, field based Account Management for our Construction Industry customer base in addition to seeking out new business prospects that will benefit from our total Waste Management services. Sarah’s industry legislation expertise that she provides to the client with on-site training and technical advice ensures that Kenny Waste Management’s premier service support is consistently delivered.

Important Environmental Update

Disposing of expanded polystyrene & slab insulation foam boards containing Hexabromocyclododecane(HBCD)

EU Regulation 2016/460

Please read the attached (EA- HBCDD briefing) Waste Stream briefing from the EA regarding the disposal of materials containing Hexabromocyclododecane (HBCD) which will come into effect from 30/09/16.

HBCD is a brominated flame retardant and is a (POP), persistent organic pollutant, it can be found in expanded polystyrene (EPS) and extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulation foam boards and blocks since the 1970’s, HBCD can also be found in some upholstered furniture and WEEE.

These wastes can no longer be re-used, recycled or landfilled.

The waste must be INCINERATED 

Our advice as your waste management partner :-

From 30/09/16, unless testing proves otherwise, it should be assumed that all polystyrene blocks used in buildings contain the flame retardant HBCD.

In accordance with EA guidance and EU Regulation 2016/460, you as the waste producer have a Duty of Care to ensure that all waste assumed to contain HBCD is being disposed of at a facility where incineration will be guaranteed.

Kenny Waste Management can provide you with that guarantee.

Please note that polystyrene packaging waste is unlikely to contain HBCD.

Should you require further information or clarification on the issue please do not hesitate to contact your account manager who will be only too pleased to provide further help and advice.

Kenny Waste in the Camp Nou


With the help of Kenny Waste Management 9 young footballers from FC Bridgewater in Salford were given the chance of a lifetime and played on the pitch at the Camp Nou in Barcelona.

The team also managed to lift the trophy, running out as Under 10 winners.

The team are managed by our own Paul Eagleton and have enjoyed huge success since they first started to play together at 5 years old, Paul said ” The lads are a great team and a really good group to manage, we’ve won tournaments consistently since they were 6 years old and the lads are a credit to the club and their parents, to win such a prestigious tournament as the Europa Cup in such an iconic stadium as the Camp Nou was an experience that they’ll never forget and one that wouldn’t have been possible without the fantastic support from our sponsors.

It’s not every day that you get the chance to run out onto the pitch at the Camp Nou and as soon as we heard about the tournament the lads and their parents were adamant that we had to find a way to raise the money to do it. The lads raised a lot of the money themselves by doing 100 kilometres of sponsored running and bag packing at a local supermarket but the cost of kits and everything else that goes with a trip to Barcelona was huge and we wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help from the Directors at Kenny Waste Management.

Neil Mackey, MD at Kenny Waste Management said, ” I’m sure the memories will live with the lads for a long time and they’ll dine out on it for years to come, we’re always happy to help local teams in the communities that we operate in and we’re delighted that the lads not only had a fantastic time but won the tournament as well.”

Waste Reporting Changes


In order to keep our reporting on point and as accurate as possible we have made some changes to the way we record, calculate and present the waste reports.

We have also added items such as WEEE waste (waste electrical and electronic equipment), hazardous waste/hazardous waste packaging and non- compliant waste.

The changes we have made will improve both our local and national waste management services.

You will also notice that some of the terminology in relation to waste descriptions has changed, the changes have been made to more accurately reflect the material that we are asked to process on your behalf, for example we found that the terms “bricks & concrete” and “inert” material are misleading and not entirely accurate in terms of the material that we accept from your sites.

We have therefore changed the terminology from “bricks & concrete” to “mixed dense material” as the heavy material that we receive isn’t all recyclable, it’s not all just bricks and concrete and as such it’s not all re-useable in recycled aggregates.

The term “inert” material has been changed to “co-mingled fine/granular material” which again is a reflection of what we accept, we found that the term “inert” was misleading and led customers into thinking that they were disposing of clean soils when in fact the fines are a complicated mixture of small sized waste materials which require intensive and specialist processing to clean before they can be re-used in restoration projects or disposed of.

Should you have any queries in relation to the changes that we have made then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

New Northern Alliance – KWM & ISG


It’s not just the Chancellor that’s been busy signing Northern framework deals of late…!

A new 2 year framework deal will see us handling all waste management requirements across all North West & North East projects for ISG.

Marcus Davidson (pictured), ISG Procurement Leader for the North West was quick to recognise the benefits of procuring nationwide waste management services from us and the simplicities and back office savings that it generates.

Neil Mackey, MD of Kenny Waste Management commented, “as a business we’ve looked after ISG’s waste management for over 10 years on their Manchester projects and this deal cements that relationship further, we’ve proved to ISG that we can handle their nationwide waste management to the same exacting standards and they see the benefits of centralising their procurement with a company like us who have a proven track record. Our service offers simple and familiar invoicing with 24/7 online access to all invoices, waste transfer notes and waste reporting, it provides companies who operate across multiple sites and regions the service that’s required at a local level in a recognised and compliant format from a company who they can trust”.

Our nationwide skip service is proving very popular with many contractors across the UK, give us a call to find out more about how it could improve your waste management procurement processes and reduce overall costs.

New additions


February 2016 saw the addition of 4 new vehicles to the ever expanding Kenny Waste Management fleet and we are delighted to announce a deal with DAF Trucks for the new vehicles.

We have very exacting specifications and requirements for our vehicles and DAF worked with us in that regard to ensure we received exactly what we wanted, we are also looking at further acquisitions as we continue to expand and improve our trade waste offering, skip hire service and general waste management services in Greater Manchester.

New additions

The decision to acquire new vehicles wasn’t taken lightly however and many waste management businesses choose not to buy new vehicles due to the heavy nature of the work that the vehicles are asked to do.

However, over the last 5 years, we have visited some of the best waste management businesses in the UK as we continue to strengthen our nationwide waste management services and national skip hire provision and we have used those opportunities to discuss with other business owners the age old debate regarding operating new versus used when it comes to the fleet.

New additions

The feedback has of course been mixed as no two businesses are the same but we felt that on balance it was the right thing to do and are delighted to have invested in our fleet.

We are steadfast in our belief that we are currently the leading construction waste management service provider in Greater Manchester and we are committed to becoming the company of choice for all businesses who operate a national waste management strategy by providing a first class service on a nationwide basis.

A Prestigious Project with John Sisk and Son!


We are delighted to announce our most recent appointment; we are now a preferred supplier of national waste management services to none other than construction specialists, John Sisk & Son.

Widely recognised for their expertise in the residential sector, Sisk have successfully delivered more than 3,000 homes in the past five years – an achievement which has helped pave the way for the company to partake in a project of monumental proportions. By working in collaboration with the Manchester Life Development Company, Sisk has been busy with plans to help deliver the first tranche of 960 new homes within Manchester, setting a new benchmark for property development in the area.

National Waste Management Services

Of course, such a colossal amount of construction will require a comprehensive waste management package; including skip hire, trade waste removal and hazardous waste packaging removal – and that’s where we come in.

Our own fleet and our nationwide waste management service allows us to cater for projects of this scale with ease, the sheer size of the project means that it will generate construction waste, trade waste and hazardous waste packaging waste in significant volumes. Sisk have already been provided with our dedicated hazardous waste packaging service and 40 members of staff and sub contract staff received dedicated training on site to ensure that all materials deemed hazardous are removed safely and in full accordance with current EA/EU and government legislation.

Waste Management Education

Our involvement doesn’t stop with on- site services either. Sisk have also enlisted us to assist in educating their staff and graduates with our knowledge and experience in national waste management. Sisk run a comprehensive four-year scheme to equip graduates with the tools and experience to further their careers in construction. The programme underpins the rigorous Chartership requirements of various professional institutes and the carefully-designed programme covers a wide range of topic areas, including sustainability, and ‘Waste and the Circular Economy’.

John Sisk and Son - Ancoats

Graduate Presentation

Just last Friday, our Commercial Manager, Paul Eagleton, attended a graduate training day to assist Brian Handcock, Head of Sustainability and Sarah-Jane Holmes, Environmental Advisor with a presentation to the first cohort of graduates.

The day long training covered many aspects of waste management and Paul provided an insight into the practical and commercial realities of handling large volumes of waste. Paul shared his knowledge and experience of operating and running a busy nationwide waste management business, with specific reference placed on the practicalities of site operations and how and where the materials that are recycled and recovered are re-entered back into industry.

The graduates completed the course gaining an insight into the legal requirements of waste management as well as a commercial and practical appreciation of the interface between waste being generated on construction projects and how it is handled by national waste management companies such as ourselves.

It’s a pleasure to be a part of such a prestigious project, and one that goes beyond construction and development. We share a common view with Sisk in that compliant, safe and responsible waste management contributes to the wider community and we will always support our customers and support education in this sector. We will update on our ongoing partnership with Sisk, so be sure to check back for news and updates.

Kenny Waste Management supports ISG Construction & BBC’s DIY SOS Walking With The Wounded

When it comes to leading waste management companies in Manchester, especially leaders in handling construction and demolition wastes then you don’t need to look any further than Kenny Waste Management.

We are very proud to have helped the “Walking with the wounded/DIY SOS: The Big Build, Veteran’s Special” with free skips in Manchester through our valued relationship with our customer ISG Construction.

When it comes to low cost skip hire in Manchester you can’t get any lower than free, we must however stress that we don’t do free skips in Manchester for everybody, the DIY SOS was a special event which we are proud to support.

Many testimonials have been received on the project, particularly from the BBC’s Nick Knowles and his team, who emphasised the importance of the support and help provided by Kenny Waste Management and others on the BBC shows themselves, in accompanying interviews and on social media.

Manchester City Council, Haig Housing and Walking With The Wounded (WWTW) have also expressed their thanks. “There is no doubt – we could not have done it without you”


BBC’s Nick Knowles with Karen Hampton,
Kenny Waste Management


Ed Parker, CEO for WWTW, sent the note below which sums up the considerable contribution to the project nicely:

“The last few months in Manchester have been a whirlwind and I am very humbled by the support we have received. You guys have made such a huge difference to people’s lives. Our job is now to maintain that momentum.”

Kenny Waste Management Supports Bullock Construction

Bullock Construction have commenced the Kersal Cell Decent Homes Kitchen & Bathroom Refurbishment Project for their client Salix Homes. Kenny Waste Management will again be working in partnership with Bullock Construction providing a complete waste management package.

On the 26th June 2014 Kenny Waste Management provided free skips to support Bullock Construction with their skip day for local residents. This encouraged the residents to recycle and help clear out properties before the works commence.BULLOCK SALIX HOMES

Picture – Mike Gandy, Site Manager Bullock Construction, Karen Hampton, Account Manager Kenny Waste Management & Caroline Yeo, Senior Liaison Officer Bullock Construction