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Waste Reporting Changes


In order to keep our reporting on point and as accurate as possible we have made some changes to the way we record, calculate and present the waste reports.

We have also added items such as WEEE waste (waste electrical and electronic equipment), hazardous waste/hazardous waste packaging and non- compliant waste.

The changes we have made will improve both our local and national waste management services.

You will also notice that some of the terminology in relation to waste descriptions has changed, the changes have been made to more accurately reflect the material that we are asked to process on your behalf, for example we found that the terms “bricks & concrete” and “inert” material are misleading and not entirely accurate in terms of the material that we accept from your sites.

We have therefore changed the terminology from “bricks & concrete” to “mixed dense material” as the heavy material that we receive isn’t all recyclable, it’s not all just bricks and concrete and as such it’s not all re-useable in recycled aggregates.

The term “inert” material has been changed to “co-mingled fine/granular material” which again is a reflection of what we accept, we found that the term “inert” was misleading and led customers into thinking that they were disposing of clean soils when in fact the fines are a complicated mixture of small sized waste materials which require intensive and specialist processing to clean before they can be re-used in restoration projects or disposed of.

Should you have any queries in relation to the changes that we have made then please don’t hesitate to contact us.