Recycled Aggregates

As part of our waste separation process all inert aggregates and arisings that pass through our facility are segregated from the waste stream by our bespoke plant and machinery. The coarse aggregates are then stockpiled ready for further classification and crushing into a variety of recycled aggregate products which are used in a variety of applications.

Separation from the Waste Stream

After separation from the waste stream a heavy duty jaw crusher is used to crush and grade the material into a size reduced recycled product.

All of our products are independently tested by a UCAS approved laboratory and are produced in accordance with the Waste & Resources Action Programme( WRAP protocol).

The Products

We have the capability to produce a bespoke product for a tailored or specific request dependent on sufficient quantities being required, however, in the absence of such a request our standard product range extends to the following products:-

  • 6F2/ 6F5 - ( 125mm to 70mm down)
  • MOT Type 1- ( 40mm down)
  • Engineered fill
  • 10 mm recycled pipe bedding

Our Clients

The products are used as approved recycled aggregates by the Northwest Gas Alliance, United Utilities, Balfour Beatty Utilities, Enterprise Utilities and a number of main contractors for trench reinstatement, hardstandings, piling mats, highway construction and many more applications.

The products are fully certified and can be delivered in loads from 8 to 20 tonnes, or collected from 1 tonne upwards.

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