Metal Recycling

We recover and send for recycling all ferrous and non-ferrous metals that enter our facility.

We also trade metals in terms of buying and selling various grades from a multitude of sources and can provide advice and guidance to individuals, companies or organisations with regard to best practices for any metals that they may have.

Our dedicated advisors have over 25 years’ experience in the recovered metals sector and will offer competitive market rates all year round for metals of any type.

Metal Collection Service

We can offer a collection service for your metals, or alternatively a rebate on the gate. Please note that for significant tonnages and/or high value non-ferrous metals customers should phone in advance to agree rates with our recovered metal advisors.

Metal Reprocessing

Where we trade metals on for further reprocessing we ensure that all our trading partners are fully licensed to handle the recovered materials and that they do so in a responsible and sustainable manner, ensuring that all metals are reprocessed and re-used in a sustainable and energy efficient manner.

We accept scrap metal from companies and the general public and can offer the best market rates based on the type and quantity being offered as we have one of the most efficient sorting and identification processes in the North West.

We take our corporate and social responsibility very seriously and will not deal with, or accept, materials that we believe to be the product of opportunism or metal theft.

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Our Vision

The futures bright

Our vision is a simple one - to be the best we possibly can be for our customers.

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