Wood Recycling

We recover and divert approximately 12,000 tonnes of waste wood every year for re-use from our waste stream.

Whilst to the untrained eye all wood appears the same there are numerous grades and classifications and our specially trained staff are skilled in pre-sorting the various grades to ensure that they are recycled in the best possible way.

Recycling Wood

Clean unpainted wood can be used for a variety of recycled products including panel board, chipboard, MDF and animal bedding products, subject to intensive technical processing.

Power Generation

Waste wood which has been painted, contaminated or wood which has already been recycled once into chipboard or MDF is often of no further use other than as a fuel for wood fired power generation.

After the manual separation process we further segregate and classify the various types of wood at our facility prior to it being transported to a number of dedicated and licensed wood re-processors that we partner with.

The re-processors have the necessary items of plant, machinery and experience to liberate the waste wood of finite contaminants such as glass, metal and textiles. The wood is then size reduced and the material is graded into a product which is then supplied into manufacturing business for further use or incinerated to create green energy.

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