Waste isn’t rubbish – it’s a resource. We pride ourselves at Kenny Waste Management in processing the materials we receive to find a second, or even third, useful life?

At Kenny Waste Management, we divert 99% of the waste we receive from landfill. We sort, separate then send off our waste to be re-purposed. This “closed-loop recycling” reduces the negative impact of destroying waste, while providing a superb source of secondary commodities for UK manufacturers.

By working with us, you’ll be part of this recycling and re-purposing operation. We’ll help you meet your company’s sustainability targets, and make sure you have an audit trail of how your waste is processed.

Sustainability in action

When a load arrives at our facility in Worsley, it’s weighed, logged, and classified into separate waste streams. The initial sorting is carried out by specialist equipment (with some human assistance to remove the larger pieces), then the waste is fed into a size-reducing machine, which prepares it for the next stage of sorting.

The reduced waste is then passed through a series of conveyors, and equipment including magnets and wind sifters is used to separate the different materials. Finally, the waste enters two manual picking lines, one for heavy waste, the other for lighter.

That initial load has become separate, recyclable streams of wood, metal, plastic, polythene, bricks, concrete, cardboard, paper and soil. It’s ready to be recycled or re-used. We’ll either process it further ourselves or send it on to specialists such as wood recyclers.

And to think – that could have all ended up as landfill. Not on our watch.

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