National Recycling Week – How We Can Help

It’s National Recycling Week, which as you can imagine, is very close to our hearts here at Kenny Waste Management. The theme this year is “Resist the Rubbish Bin” – and we divert over 99% of all the waste we process from landfill, we couldn’t agree more.

Running from the 23 September onwards, National Recycling Week is led by government-supported initiative Recycle Now and is managed by the Waste And Resources Action Programme (WRAP). The aim of National Recycling Week is to raise awareness and share tips to help all of us raise our recycling game.


To help householders improve their recycling and reduce those landfill-bound rubbish bags, Recycle Now has posted lots of helpful information on their website.

It’s a bit trickier when it comes to managing commercial waste, and at Kenny Waste Management, most of our clients are commercial, ranging from large contractors to smaller local businesses. We’re here to help you reach those recycling targets.

Like Recycle Now, we want to help make sure that as much waste as possible has a second (or even third or fourth!) useful life. If you run a business and want to cut down your waste, here’s how we can help you.

We Take A Consultative Approach To Recycling And Waste Management

There’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” approach. Because we work with a great range of organisations, with different needs and in various locations, each one has an individual recycling plan. Each organisation works with a dedicated Kenny contact, who is there for any recycling query.

We also advise our clients on best-practice for recycling. Businesses can try environmentally friendly approaches such as waste segregation for a sustainable approach, which can cut down on the amount of waste you end up with. We frequently advise our larger clients about onsite waste management, making on-the-job recycling easier, cleaner and safer.

We’ll Make Sure Most Of Your Waste Doesn’t Make Landfill

We’re almost there – currently, we’re diverting over 99% of all the waste we collect, and we’re striving to reach that 100% target.

When a load of waste arrives at our facility in Greater Manchester, we log it, weigh it, then separate it into different waste streams. It then passes through the size-reducing machines, before going onto a second stage of sorting. Finally, it’s separated into heavy and lighter waste on manual picking lines. These reduced, separate streams are ready for recycling and recovery. We process some ourselves, and send the more specialist streams (such as metals and wood) off to the experts.

And this is how we avoid sending your rubbish to landfill.

We Can Produce The Recycling Reports Your Company Needs

Ironically, keeping on top of commercial recycling seems to create quite a paper trail… We can manage this for you, by giving you online access to your account, which includes regular reports and breakdowns of where all your waste is going.

This gives you an easy and accessible audit trail. So, you’ll always know how well your organisation is managing its waste, and will highlight areas for development.

We’ll Help Reduce Your Carbon Emissions While We’re At It…

Many of our customers are also keen to reduce their carbon emissions. We help our clients by calculating their waste’s “activity factors”, converting this into an emissions value, and recording it on each company’s online records.


That means that when you log onto your Kenny Waste Management account, you can also keep track of your carbon emissions figures from waste. The good news is, the more of the waste we recycle, the lower your emissions value will be, as there won’t be a landfill emissions score. Another excellent reason to “resist the rubbish bin”!

We’ll Take A Creative Approach To Waste Management

We’ll always look into alternative approaches for dealing with waste streams, as there could be a really creative use for them.

You can work with other businesses to create virtuous circles. For example, we work with the Woodland Trust, supplying them with cast-off wood which they repurpose into furniture. They then sell this bespoke furniture and raise money to plant trees. This helps to offset carbon emissions. We’ll take a look at your waste streams, and discuss any alternative options with you.

We hope National Recycling Week will act as a motivator for both households and businesses to think about their everyday waste. As Recycle Now says, “Last year the nation woke up to recycling. This year, we’re taking action.”

If you’d like to know more about how Kenny Waste Management can help you recycle, please get in touch. We’re a Greater Manchester-based waste management company, but we also work nationally.

Kenny Waste Management
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