Collection Services for Events and Festivals

Waste is generated at any event, indoor and outdoor, both large commercial events and small local events. Kenny Waste Management has been providing an environmentally safe and controlled waste management service for over 35 years, with over 99% of the waste we collect being diverted from landfill. We provide bespoke waste solutions for a range of events, including festivals, car shows, concerts, sporting events, weddings, and much more. 

If your event requires an effective, responsible, and cost-effective waste removal service, Kenny Waste Management has a range of solutions ideal for you.

Events Waste Containers

Every event is unique. The same goes for any rubbish it generates. One of our Commercial Waste consultants can assist you in creating a tailored waste management solution that is convenient for you. 

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Waste Bin Sizes

240 litre

Capacity 240 litre
Height 1.063m
Width 0.533m
Depth 0.713m

360 litre

Capacity 360 litre
Height 1.098m
Width 0.533m
Depth 0.713m

660 litre

Capacity 660 litre
Height 1.222m
Width 1.125m
Depth 0.764m

1100 litre

Capacity 1100 litre
Height 1.309m
Width 1.168m
Depth 1.085m

We service a range of sectors within the commercial market, and we are fully accustomed to dealing with many different waste streams. To help our clients dispose of waste responsibly, we can provide separate containers for different types of waste.

These include general waste, food, glass, cardboard, and dry mixed recycling bins. Our solutions enable event organisers to curb costs while disposing of waste effectively.

Events Waste Collection 

Your collection service needs might vary from day to day, so our offer is tailored to your specific event waste requirements. We provide bespoke waste collection services to events of any type or size, no matter how long or short your event may be.

Our state-of-the-art Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs) are based in Greater Manchester, but our waste services extend Nationally and we cover events throughout the whole North West.

Here’s what Amy had to say

“Thank you for everything last weekend! When working with new waste management providers we are never 100% sure what to expect, but the Kenny Waste Management team excelled and exceeded all expectations.”

Amy Hudson, IRONMAN UK

events waste collection with blue truck
Waste containers depo

What do we do with your waste?

A lot of hard work and ingenuity goes into diverting 99% of waste from landfill. Most of the waste we deal with is recycled or recovered, and our innovative waste reporting methods allow us to provide our customers with their own in-depth reports.

That means you can easily browse through the data on your waste’s environmental impact, including stats on your recycling, by using your online portal 24/7 from any location. 

If you want to learn more about exactly how we handle your waste, our behind-the-scenes series offers a comprehensive picture of our own waste recovery processes.

Our Track Record

We bring our sector-leading expertise to every consultation. Whether you’re planning a small community event, a huge outdoor festival, or anything in between, book yourself a free site audit, and we’ll identify your exact requirements and build an effective plan. 

Our services help you to minimise your environmental impact, stay within your budget, and keep your event tidy for your guests and staff. 

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Wherever you are in the country, Kenny Waste Management can arrange nationwide services.

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