What is Waste Management?

Waste management is when unwanted materials are collected, transported, and then either disposed of or recycled. It is vital that waste is managed well, and this is Kenny Waste Management’s area of expertise.  Waste can be managed in a variety of ways, so we offer a number of tailor-made options that provide you with an ideal solution.

Recycling is one of the 3 ‘R’s’ in the waste hierarchy with the other 2 being ‘reduce’ and ‘reuse’.  At Kenny Waste Management we work with our customers on all 3 by separating their waste into 2 categories: Construction Waste & Commercial Waste.

Construction waste is made up of undesired materials created as a by-product of construction. Commercial waste is created by a range of commercial clients such as schools, manufacturers, or the hospitality trade. Both categories create high levels of waste and therefore must be managed appropriately to limit the impact upon the environment and human life.



This video explains how we help Create Group on all their construction and house building projects and manage all their waste requirements throughout the UK.

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As a responsible waste management provider operating on a national scale, transparency, accuracy, and uniformity are fundamental to our waste reporting system. Wherever you are in the UK, you can be confident that all your waste reports are skip-specific and completed to the same high standards.

Learn more by watching our video case study featuring McCarthy Stone, the UK’s largest retirement housing developer, and our waste partner Nick Brookes.



Waste takes time. Hand your waste management over to us, and free up valuable hours.

Let’s be honest – waste is a by-product of your industry or services, not its core. Managing waste can be time-consuming, especially if you want it done properly. Hand your waste management over to us, and we’ll ensure the waste is dealt with efficiently and cost-effectively while meeting all your legal obligations and environmental targets.

We work with organisations across all sectors, so we appreciate that every organisation is different. That’s why we take the time right from the start to establish our clients’ needs, and from there, we create a tailored waste management plan.


What’s more, every client has a dedicated contract manager, who’ll be your single point of contact for all queries. You’ll have access to your account online, where you can pull off reports any time you need them, and keep on top of all the waste streams, targets, and costs.

Kenny Waste Management is also known for its responsive approach. If you have a week with unexpectedly heavy volumes or need a last-minute skip, just let us know. We’re here to make waste management easy for you.

Any Location

Wherever you are in the country, Kenny Waste Management can arrange nationwide services.

Tailored For You

We do the searching so you don’t have to. We have a national network of contacts.

Online Management

Track and manage your account with our easy to use online portal.

Managing your waste

Managing your waste to a high standard will result in many benefits, these include reducing your costs, improving the environmental impact, and having a positive effect on your business brand and reputation.  This will primarily this reduce pollution, the volume of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and as we send less than 1% of waste to landfill, this reduces the risk of soil and water pollution.

There are various ways that waste can be disposed of. The most undesirable method is sending it to landfills, which we will try to avoid wherever we can.  Due to the reduction in new landfill sites and the fact that a large percentage are now full, this will not be an option for much longer.

Waste Reporting Processes

Helping the environment

Waste can be generated into energy by converting it into useable heat, electricity, or fuel. This is a positive method for the environment as it produces renewable energy and reduces the demand for fossil fuels. Recycling reduces energy use, demand for landfill, and pollution.

Waste management is not just our business but a passion for all employees as we all work towards a better environment. In order to ensure sustainability, we are constantly adapting our processes when managing your waste. These improvements are leading to a healthier environment and result in our commitment to sustainability is met.

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