Our Mission

We empower organisations to offer
long-term jobs, training and qualifications
to the most disadvantaged​.

Our Vision

We have a vision that all workplaces will be
truly inclusive and create bright futures for all​.

Our Story

The team at Kenny Waste Management has always taken steps to build a workplace where everyone’s contributions are valued. During recruitment, we regularly look for a person’s raw potential and past background which may be holding them back from future employment. 

In 2018, we were inspired to set up our “Social Enterprise” to strategically address the inequalities that exist for those that are furthest from meaningful employment.

We understand that some people are determined to make positive choices and change their own lives, we simply help make these changes more realistic by offering opportunity, structured support and lots of encouragement.

The first goal we set ourselves was to change 20 lives within 2020. Quite an ambitious target to achieve in two years, but we are proud to say we made it, even in the middle of a pandemic!

Driving Change Brochure

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Our Values

We have identified three core values that embody Driving Change’s approach to everything we do. They guide us on how we make strategic decisions, daily choices and collaborate with partners. Importantly, they sit at the heart of all our programme design and delivery. 

Trust Pyramid


Working together effectively by overlooking labels and treating everyone with respect​.



Demonstrate personal integrity by taking ownership and delivering on promises.



Have a ‘can-do’ mindset, and seek the opportunities in life’s challenges.

Our Impact

As a small social enterprise addressing some of the biggest barriers to employment, it’s vital that we know our work is making a real difference. We will work with a range of experts to inform our work, including those who have direct experiences of the issues we are trying to address. 

We are committed to using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals framework when tracking and reporting on our impact. 

Theory of Change

Salford Foundation to shape a bespoke Theory of Change for Driving Change

‘We have worked with the Salford Foundation to shape a bespoke Theory of Change for Driving Change. We took the time to reflect on what we need to do to achieve our mission, and then mapped this out across our signature programmes. 

The result was a process detailing what outcomes to see and impact we want to achieve.  This process will act as a guide each time we develop workshops, work with partners. 

It helps us keep our core focus on what we know will lead to our work helping workplaces to be truly inclusive and create bright futures for all​’

Alex Mayes — Driving Change Director

Alex Mayes — Driving Change Director  

“Now more than ever, society needs businesses to play their part in addressing the inequalities we see around us. 

Driving Change has three signature programmes, designed to tackle the barriers keep people from gaining meaningful employment. I am immensely proud to be part of an organisation that has made a genuine difference to dozens of lives in such a short space of time. We’ve achieved our early targets, and I’m excited by our plans to widen the scope our activities. It will take a collective effort to close the gaps in today’s society, so if you want to get involved in our mission, please get in touch.” 

Turning Point Icon

Turning Points

We will enhance long-term employment prospects by arranging work-based activity such as placements, role shadowing and job trials​.


Evolving Horizons

We will enable individuals to access training and qualifications which will significantly improve employability and untap their potential.


Operation BaseCamp

We offer a range of experiences to inspire young people to discover their potential and find a future direction for their career​.


Lee had spent more than a decade in prison, and being labelled as an ex-offender meant finding work was nearly impossible, despite being desperate to work.


Lee got in touch with Kenny Waste Management after being made aware of job opportunities with us, a business which looks past ‘labels’ and is able to see the potential in people, no matter their past.


Three years later, Lee is thriving as a Waste Compliance Officer and we are also supporting him in pursuing his driving qualification. He is an intelligent, hard-working man who is a valued asset to the business.


By not giving people like Lee a chance, employers miss out on a huge pool of talented potential employees.


We do not want to let our local community down by rejecting some of its members.


“The people at KWM are a great bunch of people to work for, very helpful and always there if I need help. Away from work I have a routine back in my life. A secure job means so much more than an income. It’s about being part of a community and being able to live a life outside work that you enjoy.


It’s is about feeling valued and having your contribution to both your employer and wider society, recognised. It’s about dignity and self-respect.”


Shauna was a shy 16-year-old in her final year of High School, with zero work experience and real uncertainty of what to do next.


This all changed however, when we presented our apprenticeship scheme at Shauna’s School, which led to Shauna applying, attending our open day and being interviewed by one of our directors.


Today, Shauna is a highly valued member of our team, who has excelled and exceeded every expectation. Shauna’s employment story is proof that an apprenticeship scheme is a worthwhile option for any student: it is a chance to gain work experience, develop key skills, earn qualifications and build the initial foundations of a successful career.


“I like the people and my managers ay Kenny’s, I couldn’t see myself working in another office, we have a good bond and there’s a great work ethic here which is important to my future development within my role”.


Zac had been unemployed for quite some time. He was actively looking for job opportunities but was really struggling to find something meaningful to do.


Zac’s unsuccessful job searching days were taking a toll, when he began talking with one of his friends, who worked for us. This led to Zac coming in for an Interview.


We learnt a lot about Zac’s ambitions and how he wanted to become a qualified driver, so we offered him the training and the opportunity to grow into that very role.


Zac is now qualified and trusted lorry driver with Kenny Waste Management and has constantly progressed in his career, resulting in him being able to do a job that he is truly passionate about.


He continually looks at his career path and is now inspiring other employees to follow in his footsteps.


“There is a great working atmosphere here and everybody is really supportive of one another. The company has many workplace opportunities, meaning they will support with finding the right role for you, I’m a perfect example of this”.

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Kenny Waste Management Achieves Stage One of its ‘Driving Change’ Social Enterprise Goal

In 2018 we created the Kenny Waste Management Social Enterprise ‘Driving Change’ and set ourselves a target of changing 20 lives by 2020.

Case Study: Turning Points

Turning Points is one of three signature programmes which embody the mission and vision of Kenny Waste Management Social Enterprise Ltd (Driving Change). The programme is designed to enhance long-term employment prospects by offering paid experience, training, and qualifications.

Read about our Spring 2022 cohort to see our mission in action.

Driving Change Brochure

Want to learn more
about driving change?

Download our latest brochure to read about why Driving
Change was started and our plans for the future.

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