Front End Loader (FEL) Services

If your organisation produces high volumes of dry recyclable waste, Kenny Waste Management has the perfect solution for you.

Our services have typically included a wide range of wheeled waste containers, selected to meet your organisation’s waste management needs in any sector. Now, we have expanded our offer (and our low-emissions fleet) to include Front End Loader “FEL” waste containers, which are ideal for disposing of compactable waste in large volumes.

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What types of waste can the FEL bin hold?

Front End Loader (FEL) waste containers are a perfect solution for businesses such as retailers, shops, and offices which produce a lot of low-density waste. That includes paper and cardboard, clean tins and empty cans, plastic wrap, and other dry recyclables.

We can also arrange FEL bin services for light compactable general waste, for businesses which generate significant volumes of waste for disposal and collection. 

These containers are not suitable for glass waste or any hazardous waste. Please get in touch with our team, and we’ll arrange the best solution for your needs. 

Why choose a Front End Loader bin?

FEL waste containers are a popular option throughout the UK. They are practical, cost-effective, and convenient, with an easy-access top-loading design. FELs are steel waste containers that are highly robust, made to last, and secured with a lockable lid.

These bins do not have wheels, so they stay securely in one accessible location at your site or premises. An FEL bin is larger than a regular wheelie bin, with a higher capacity, but much more compact and space-efficient than your average commercial skip. It’s a convenient waste bin solution for small businesses, SMEs, and bigger organisations with large volumes of commercial and trade waste. 

At Kenny Waste Management, we understand that every organisation is unique. The same goes for the waste it generates. Please give us a call, and our team will be able to identify the perfect solution to suit your needs.

Commercial Waste Bin Sizes

6100 LITRE / 8 YARD

6100 LITRE (8 yd FEL) container
Capacity 6100 litre (60-80 bin bags)
Height 2.0m
Width 2.15m
Depth 2.14m

8000 LITRE / 10 YARD

10 yard general waste container
Capacity 8000 litre (70-90 bin bags)
Height 2.8m
Width 1.8m
Depth 2.4m

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