Hazardous Waste

Anyone who deals with hazardous waste knows how difficult it is to handle. At Kenny Waste Management, we simplify the process, literally taking the problem away from you.

What is hazardous waste?

Waste is described as “hazardous” if it could be harmful to people or the environment. The Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) came into force in 2005, meaning that early identification and separation of hazardous waste was essential.

This can be quite a task, as hazardous waste isn’t just the major and obvious substances like asbestos. The regulations cover anything that could potentially cause harm, including empty packaging such as used expanding foam canisters and solvent-based paint tins. You can’t just throw an empty silicone tube in the general waste skip.

And that’s where we come in – we make segregating hazardous waste simple for you.

Hazardous waste management in Greater Manchester

At Kenny Waste Management, we provide a secure and controlled environment for the segregation and storage of hazardous waste, operated by our expert team.

Our ADR-trained drivers will safely remove the waste from your site, and transport it to our site where we’ll separate and correctly dispose of it. We’ll provide you with documentation so you can demonstrate via audit trail that your company has met its hazardous waste Duty of Care.

Prefer to keep things on-site? We can deliver a hazardous waste station to your site, and work with you there to segregate and remove your hazardous waste and packaging.

This is a good option if your project needs continual waste disposal, or if the site is remote. You’ll get Kenny Waste Management’s expertise, with the convenience of on-site access.

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