Making a difference

Kenny Waste Management recognises that it is a part of, and has responsibilities towards, the communities it operates in. Over the last 35 years we have operated to the highest standards of business integrity, guided by a mindset of “it’s not just about what you achieve, but how you achieve it that matters.”

Today, we have placed being a Responsible Business at the heart of our business plan and our strategic goals. We are dedicated to addressing the key social and environmental issues of our time by collaborating with commercial, voluntary and charity partners.

Making a difference
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Our Journey To Net Zero

Kenny Waste Management want to be part of the solution. Our Carbon and Sustainability Action Plan (KWMAP) is aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and is focused around four central pillars – Our Planet, Our People, Our Partners and Our Community. We have already taken steps to reduce our carbon footprint by, for example investing in LED lighting, holding virtual meetings to reduce business mileage and investing in lower emission, cleaner fleet vehicles but we know that there is so much more to do. 

Read “Our journey to net zero” statement for an overview of our commitments. 

Our Approach

We want to maximise our impact, and know that working with others is central to that. Those with expertise or direct experience of a particular issue are best placed to inform the solutions designed to address them.

We will also spread the message about the power of adopting positive business practices to a range of stakeholders, including customers, suppliers and employees.

Our Action

Through our Corporate Responsibility work, we are improving business processes, developing our culture and sharing our experiences and knowledge with stakeholders.

We are also working with a range of partners to deliver direct community investment and eliminate waste to landfill, and have started a Social Enterprise scheme designed to place a wide range of disadvantaged people into work.

Our Impact

Our responsible business initiatives will result in real value being added to the lives of all our stakeholders and are critical to our future success. We have a strategy based on measuring outcomes, as well as activity and will be transparently sharing these results.

We use the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a framework to plan, deliver and report on all our responsible business initiatives. 

We are committed

We are committed to having a positive impact across all parts of our business: in our workplace, within our supply chain, in our local communities and in the environment. These four pillars are the guiding principles of our Responsible Business strategy, with each pillar having equal importance.  They are critical to our future success; if one fails, they all fail.

Our Planet

Our Partners

Our People

Our Community

Trusted By

Trusted Logos
Salford Foundation Logo

Our charity partnership with Salford Foundation aims to produce lasting change in the communities we’ve been a part of for more than 35 years. By working together, we are addressing the key social issues as well as supporting individuals to make positive choices and change their own lives.


Kenny Waste Management is a business that is always trying to reduce its environmental impacts. Since 2018, we have been teaming up with the Woodland Trust in an attempt to reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

Recover and Recycle Banner

We treat waste as a resource. Working closely with Lovell to bring our waste management expertise to their 15-year regeneration project in East Manchester resulted in 99.86% of waste diverted from landfill. As the project reached completion, we even breathed new life into a dilapidated site cabin. Read our case study which embodies our core values.

Please fill out the form to learn more about our commitment to corporate responsibility or how we can help your organisation through in-kind support employee volunteering.

    Social Value

    We have always been committed to making a difference to society and leaving a legacy. For decades, we have sought opportunities to change lives and to deliver high value to the communities in which we work. Looking back, a Social Value mindset sat at the core of our work, before it was so clearly defined by a framework of Themes, Outcomes and Measures. Today, we actively look for positive social and economic outcomes during the delivery phase of a project.

    We embed Social Value through a range of policies and procedures that complement our wide business strategy and objectives. Importantly, we have adopted a consistent set of measures and metrics that can be transferred and benchmarked over multiple projects. The criteria is flexible enough to take into account any project-specific objectives that relate to the location, local demographic or nature of the project.

    Our activity finds a balance between immediate impact and long-term change, with a focus on employability (training, employment and work experience), community support (volunteering, site educational visits)  and environmental protection (emissions, recycling).

    However, addressing many of society’s inequalities cannot be tackled alone and we have a number of working partnerships in place with our trusted waste partners, suppliers and customers to ensure that we can widen the impact of our work at all levels.

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