Buy Social for a Better World: Raising Awareness of Social Enterprise Programmes

At Kenny Waste Management, our Driving Change programme has grown to play a central part in our everyday business, with fantastic buy-in from our customers, colleagues and community. However, sometimes, people are unaware of the fantastic social initiative work that’s going on, often behind the scenes, in many of Britain’s businesses. A campaign in October aims to change this.

Buy Social for a Better World is a campaign that celebrates the UK’s social enterprises and the amazing differences that they can make. It will run for a week from 7-11 October 2019, and is supported by Michael Sheen, Caitlin Moran, Chris Addison and Sali Hughes.


What’s the purpose of this week? We’ve all heard of Buy Local, which encourages us to support our neighbourhood businesses. The Buy Social campaign is to raise awareness of businesses, like our own Driving Change Social Enterprise, that have a social initiative element, often in addition to their core role. By Buying Social, customers are doing far more than supporting a business. They could be helping individuals back into work, or funding projects for their communities.

The message is simple: when you buy social, you help to create a better world. We’re an obvious example. When you choose to work with Kenny Waste Management or even simply hire one of our skips, your custom enables us to run our Driving Change programme.

October’s campaign is run by Social Enterprise UK, the body for British businesses that have a social or environmental mission. Driving Change is a member of SEUK, and we’re proud to support the Buy Social for a Better World campaign. We want to help share the message that by buying products or services from a certified SEUK member, you’re creating a positive impact on others.

We’ll be updating you on Driving Change’s work across the week, as well as highlighting our fellow members’ social initiatives. You can also keep up to date with #BuySocial on Twitter.

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