Kenny Colleague’s Fundraising Sky Dive

We’d like to introduce you to Nick Mills: Kenny Waste Management credit control assistant, proud dad – and sky diver!

Sky Diving

As you know, every year the team at Kenny Waste Management chooses a couple of local charities to support. One of those is The Christie Charity, which is connected with Manchester’s Christie Hospital, and provides extra support to cancer patients and their families.

We’ve held a number of fundraising events for The Christie this year – and Nick decided to really go for it, and take the plunge out of a plane. Last week, Nick carried out a tandem sky dive with the Black Knights Parachute Centre.

In Nick’s own words, here’s what happened…

“As the big day finally came around, pre-jump nerves were creeping up. I arrived at the parachute centre at Cockerham on a very wet morning with not much expectations of being able to jump today. So, I settled in with a coffee and toy cars (my 3-year-old son’s,) waiting for the apologies and call off.

Three hours later, the rain finally stopped and I found myself suiting up to jump. I was with the last group to jump, and it seemed like all-too-suddenly I was in the plane with the instructor, quickly climbing above the clouds to 15,000 feet.

I was sitting dangling from the open door as we travelled at 100mph, waiting to be rocked forwards. Then, it happened, and I was out and falling at 140mph, passing through the clouds. I clearly saw the parachute centre as a tiny spec far below.

After 50 seconds of free falling, the cord was pulled and I was gently spiralling towards our landing marker.

It was an amazing experience, and I’d like to thank Kenny Waste Management for letting me do this! Also, a massive thank you to all who donated to this amazing cause.”

Sky Dive Team Christie

And thank you, Nick! All of us down here are definitely in awe of you.

If you’d like to know more about The Christie Charity, have a look at their website. They really do incredible work to support patients and carers, and we’re honoured to be able to help them.

Should you fancy a tandem jump yourself, we can recommend our local Black Knights Parachute Centre.

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