Safe & Legal Disposal of used PPE from Construction Sites

As always, we are here to support and help our customers with the complexities of the correct disposal of your waste.  So, how do you dispose of your used PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) during Covid-19?

In response to the unique situation we have moved quickly to provide you with the peace of mind that you can safely open your sites with the correct social distancing and that as part of those RAMS you can assured that any potentially infected items of PPE are being disposed of 100% correctly.

Prior to the novel Coronavirus, Covid-19 we regularly collected used PPE from sites and recycled it using best available techniques.  Some, as you can imagine, had recycling potential, other types were good for recovery through an EfW (energy from waste) process. However, due to the current pandemic and therefore the potentially extremely infectious nature of items of PPE, we’re now providing a new and secure service to our customers.  This will ensure that any PPE waste from site is collected in appropriately sized and marked containers and that the material is being collected and delivered direct into a facility, under the correct EWC code, that has the special designations to deal with infectious wastes.

By partnering with Waste Care ( we’ve been able to offer an easy solution.  50litre cartons that have pre-fitted secure bags for collecting used PPE.  Once full the bag is easily closed, and the box sealed.  We then collect this and store it for a minimum of 72 hours to ensure any trace of Covid-19 is eliminated, before the waste is destroyed in a dedicated high temperature incinerator.

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