Driving Change: the benefits of our social enterprise programme

Everyone deserves a chance to succeed – and that’s why last year, Kenny Waste Management launched its social enterprise programme, Driving Change.

The purpose behind this programme is to help local people into real jobs. We believe in giving everyone the opportunity to find steady employment; and there is huge benefit to our communities if local businesses like us, can do our bit to reduce long-term unemployment.

Already this year, as a result of the Driving Change programme, Kenny Waste Management has created a £656,192 worth of Social Value to the Greater Manchester economy, which is a massive achievement in such a short time. We have pledged to add £1 million Social Value to the local economy, and we’re already well on the way. This figure is calculated in terms of employment created for those previously out of work. Most of the Social Value we generate directly benefits our local area, Salford.

There is also a business benefit for Kenny Waste Management: by taking an inclusive approach to recruitment, we have widened the pool of talent we can draw upon. A previous conviction or a period of long-term employment should be no barrier to being offered a job, and people can bring us a wealth of experience from previous jobs and training. It genuinely is win-win.

In addition to his day job, Technical Director Paul Eagleton has been overseeing our social enterprise programme. He is pleased with the progress the Kenny Waste Management team has made already, and comments:

“It’s a learning curve for everybody; but I think we’ve made a great start. We can look forward to doing more, and “Driving Change” in our business, our community, and in people’s lives.”

We have a few new starters to welcome to the Kenny Waste Management team. Peter, Mark and Jake had all been unemployed for a while and have joined us in our Customer Service and Transport Divisions. Another recent starter, Lee, has been here for three months now, and has really thrown himself into his new job and become part of the crew.

Following the success of our first apprentices to go through the Driving Change Scheme, we have 2 new apprentices joining us very soon. Over the next two years, Ellis and Declan will go from being 16 year old non-drivers to 18 year olds with HGV licences! We’re looking forward to supporting them through this ambitious (but achievable!) programme.

So back to our first apprentices, this is also a good opportunity to congratulate Daisy and Shauna, who are about to complete their first year with us. They’re both fantastic additions to the company and a credit to themselves and their mentors. We hope to continue giving local young people the chance to develop career skills with us.

The Driving Change programme has also just recruited two ex-offenders. Both dads, and both keen to become truck drivers, Chris and Leo will be joining us over the next few weeks, and we know they’ll be assets to Kenny Waste Management.

One of the less-known aspects of the Driving Change programme is that it also reaches out beyond our workplace. As well as employing local people, we’ve also recently assisted two local mums who needed a helping hand. Have a look at our recent blog post about helping a local lady clean out her home, and we’ve since supported a second single mum who had similar hoarding issues.

Paul sums up Kenny Waste Management’s positive approach to Driving Change, and he wants to thank our staff for coming on board with the programme.

“It shows that the team all care, and that we’re a genuine bunch of good people who want to help others. It’s very heart-warming and enriching, and the team should be rightly proud.

They certainly should; as should our new members who have fitted in so well.”

If you want to find out more about Kenny Waste Management’s Driving Change community programme, please email us info@kennywastemanagement.co.uk

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