Giving blood and climbing hills: Driving Change in action

At Kenny Waste Management, the team has been busy fundraising for our 2019 charities – and there are more ways to donate than giving money, as they’ve been finding out…

Everyone who works with us is encouraged to give blood or platelets regularly – and we offer all staff time off work twice a year to attend a blood donation session.


Giving blood doesn’t hurt or even take very long, and the process has soon become business as usual for Kenny Waste Management’s blood donors. Most people can donate – have a look at the NHS blood donation website to find out more.

The significance of blood donation hit home for us at Kenny Waste Management when a colleague’s sister developed cancer and needed to receive over sixty units of blood. These quick and simple blood donations can make such a difference to a cancer patient and their family. We’re also raising funds for The Christie charity, which is based at The Christie hospital, an NHS hospital that specialises in cancer research and care. The charity was set up to provide additional services for cancer patients and their loved ones, over and above what the NHS can provide. Their work makes such a difference to so many people, and we’re honoured to be working with them.

We’re asking all the team to carry out two fundraising events for The Christie this year: one at work, and a second one out of the office. To encourage everyone to take part, we circulate a Charitable Events Calendar to all staff, which is packed with a variety of different fundraising activities.


There’s an event to suit every interest and talent – but we really love it when people go out of their comfort zones!

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the team at Kenny Waste Management for throwing themselves into these fundraising tasks with such enthusiasm. It’s also been great to see so many people taking us up on the offer of time off to donate blood, and we’ve even signed up some new donors.

We have many more fundraising events planned throughout the year from our amazing team all get involved, so we will be keeping you updated as and when they are confirmed.

Kenny Waste Management