Build Stakeholder Trust with National Waste Reporting

What if your waste could tell you more? Discover waste reports that give your project the power to change minds and build trust with your stakeholders.

Kenny Waste Management provides the missing link. Wherever you are in the UK, we offer skip-by-skip waste analysis that gives you the transparent data you need to achieve your environmental and financial targets.

Learn more by watching our video case study featuring McCarthy Stone, one of the UK’s leading retirement housing developers, and one of our reliable waste partners, Nick Brookes.


13/10/2023: We are pleased to accept McCarthy Stone’s 2023 Sustainability Award, recognising success in our shared commitment to environmental responsibility. This accolade has reaffirmed our dedication to continue leading our sector in waste reporting accuracy. 




What are “skip-specific” waste reports?

These detailed waste reports enable us to provide you with the actual weight and contents of each skip, from any of your sites, and consistently offer an accurate description of the waste streams your project is producing in meaningful percentages.

As a responsible waste management provider operating on a national scale, transparency, accuracy, and uniformity are fundamental to our waste reporting system. You can be confident that all your Kenny Waste Management waste reports are skip-specific and completed to the same high standards nationwide.


How can these waste reports help with my project?

This data is highly relevant to any monitoring and improvement initiatives your organisation may have on a national, regional, and site-by-site basis, in stark contrast to what is offered by generic facility reports or standardised weight information. It includes figures on recycling and recovery based on trustworthy first-hand analysis of waste materials.

Our approach to construction waste management recognises that the waste disposal needs of each project are unique, and that they change as your project progresses.


Why select Kenny Waste Management?

Our model involves a lot of managing, labour, and high-spec technology. We firmly believe that it’s worth the investment, and we are confident that this is the most advanced and accurate waste reporting system in the UK.

The extraordinary level of accuracy and detail empowers us to work together with our customers and partners to improve site behaviour, reduce costs, and achieve environmental targets.


How frequently can I receive my reports?

Kenny Waste Management customers can access their waste reports online 24/7 through their own dedicated web portal. Here, reports can be collated and presented to assess a multitude of different outcomes, helping you reduce waste and incorporate sustainability into your UK projects.


To learn more about our UK-wide waste management services, please read more on our website.


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