Work Experience Events

Kenny Waste Management is delighted to announce that we are running various virtual work experience events over the course of 2021 and beyond. Through these events, we are aiming to provide a ‘can do’ mindset to young people and assist in readying them for the workplace.

Last month, in conjunction with our social enterprise, Driving Change, we ran a one-day virtual work experience for students aged between 16 and 18. The session was accessible across the UK and asked participants to work in groups and create potential marketing initiatives that would encourage mobile phone recycling. Centring the day around the concept of recycling mobile phones allowed us to combine an important topic with engaging tasks.


During the workshop, students received presentations from three guest speakers, including Karl Hodgson, Kenny Waste Management’s Marketing Consultant and Managing Director of Denovo Digital Communications. This prepared students to work in small teams to formulate their plans. All teams then presented their work to the speakers and received feedback which could help them in future.

The day was well received by the students, with many commenting on the sessions:

One student from Bolton Sixth Form College explained that the day ‘’gave me good team building skills. I gained knowledge of things that I wasn’t aware of and the speakers were encouraging and approachable. Overall, it was a great experience.’’

Another student commented that ‘’the work experience was probably the best one I’ve done. Despite thinking the sessions would be just about waste, it was about recycling mobile phones. This made it really interesting and I learnt a lot.’’

As well as this, we are also providing work experience to Manchester Metropolitan University this month through a 10-day virtual internship programme. Over two working weeks, the students will be given a range of projects to develop their skills. Throughout the first week, the interns will be working individually, with the second week consisting of team projects. All work will be done to schedules and rhythms that reflect the true nature of a busy working environment.

Finally, in the last week of June, 35 Manchester City College marketing and business students have been invited to attend a 5-day virtual work experience event which will directly relate to their curriculum. The students will undertake a ‘live brief’ to determine whether a new product or service would be a worthwhile business opportunity.

All of these programmes will provide essential material for future interviews and will assist them as they progress from education to employment.

Paul Eagleton, Kenny Waste Management’s Technical Director, commented that he was ‘‘extremely delighted to see such a range of positive programmes being launched by the business as we assist young people to discover their potential and find a future direction for their career. Seeing students further themselves is incredibly uplifting and I am sure that we will continue to find initiatives to help a range of people within society. I am looking forward to seeing the benefits that this will bring.’’

Our Social Enterprise has a number of goals to deliver in the short term as well as long term and work experience is a key component of this. We will continue to give young people opportunities to work alongside us and we are committed to helping people enhance their careers.

We are thoroughly enjoying working collaboratively with a range of companies across the UK to offer these work experience courses and assist young people throughout the UK in developing their skills and widening their experience.

Kenny Waste Management