Kenny Waste Management Behind-the-Scenes #1

When we throw waste away, we rarely consider what happens to it in the coming weeks and months. However, the detailed and rigorous process may surprise you.

Here at Kenny Waste Management, we serve a range of customers across many different markets, from football clubs to large national developers. Therefore, we receive vast ranges of waste streams daily, from aggregates, such as bricks, to residual and household waste. All of these streams need to be managed in their own unique way.

Over the course of the next few weeks, we will be running a series of blog posts to inform you of the different ways that we process waste, as well as explaining the operational side of our business in greater detail. Transparency between customer and supplier is key, which is why we always welcome questions from customers about what happens to their waste.

total waste management business

Based at Lester Road in Worsley, Kenny Waste Management is Manchester’s largest independent total waste management business and has specialised in the provision of an environmentally safe and controlled waste management service and skip hire for over 30 years. With one of the most comprehensive and efficient waste recovery and recycling plants in the area, we process over 15,000 tonnes of waste each month. With such a high waste intake, the way we deal with the materials that we receive is of paramount importance, as without efficient strategies in a range of areas, the business would not be able to serve its fantastic customers in the way that it currently does.

Our state-of-the-art facility

When waste first arrives at our state-of-the-art facility, it is weighed and logged. The waste recovery process can then begin…

Once weighed, one of our low emission fleet is given permission to tip the materials they are carrying. Depending on the type of waste the, one of our on-site banksmen then directs the load to the relevant area of the facility.

ighter material is put through a pre-shredder

Once tipped, lighter material is put through a pre-shredder to reduce its size to less than 250mm. The reduced size enables us to process waste quicker and more effectively on site.

Heavier waste, such as mixed aggregates, is tipped in its own section of the facility and all wastes are mechanically processed on site using a combination of air, density, or physical separation.

By completing these steps, it facilitates us to divert more than 99% of the waste we receive from landfill.

over 30 years of waste management

Kenny Waste Management has come a long way since we first began a skip service over 30 years ago and we now offer some of the most sustainable waste management solutions in the North West and across the rest of the UK. However, we aren’t stopping there. We are always committed to looking at new ways that we can efficiently manage your waste. We have most recently done this through our venture into creating refined Refuse Derived Fuel, out of light fraction waste.

Look out for our weekly content pieces on our website and across our social media accounts as we continue to take you behind the scenes at Kenny Waste Management.

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