Mulbury Group Partnership

Kenny Waste Management is delighted to announce a new partnership with Mulbury. Mulbury have been delivering award winning developments since it was founded in 2010 and has specialist divisions within the affordable homes, care, city, residential and land procurement sectors.

As part of the partnership, we will be providing Mulbury with sustainable waste management solutions for all of their waste requirements. Some of these services are:

  • Dedicated online portal for all waste management reports and licenses.
  • Guaranteed BREEAM excellence with regards to waste recycling.

As well as this, just like all of Kenny Waste Management’s account customers, Mulbury will have access to a dedicated account manager throughout our partnership. Our account managers work closely with our customers to help them achieve their best waste management practices for their projects. To help facilitate this, we will perform regular site audits to assess the most cost-effective ways to remove waste from site. These site audits are all documented electronically, and our full findings reported. All relevant site operatives receive regular training and toolbox talks to ensure that best practices remain on site and Certificates of Training will be issued to all attendees. During these ongoing visits, further recommendations may be made to ensure that all waste management solutions continue to be as efficient as possible.

partnership is our commitment to help Mulbury

An integral part of the partnership is our commitment to help Mulbury develop their sustainability and social values.

A key-way that we assist with these goals is through our social enterprise, Driving Change. The social enterprise is fully funded and powered by Kenny Waste Management. We are proud to have a very strong apprenticeship scheme as well as many successful employees who are ex-offenders or long-term unemployed. We are very proud to say that Driving Change met its initial goal of employing 20 people through the scheme before the end of 2020.

Driving Change Brochure

Another way that we achieve these goals is through our skip specific waste management reports. Our waste management reporting system reports on all waste streams within each individual skip. This allows our customers to see exactly what materials are being disposed of and, as a result, waste reduction and sustainability targets can be met. We also facilitate the booking of exchanges and collections via our online portal. We can guarantee BREEAM excellence with regards to how our customer’s waste is processed, with over 99% of the waste we receive being diverted from landfill.

Karen Hampton, Kenny Waste Management’s Sales Director, commented that she was ‘‘extremely delighted to enter into this new and prosperous partnership with Mulbury. As a business, our customers are at the heart of all that we do and the opportunity to work with a well-established and growing company such as Mulbury is very exciting. Kenny Waste Management has developed rapidly over the past few years and this has allowed us to cater to many growing needs such as sustainability and carbon reduction in a very effective manner. I am looking forward to seeing our partnership with Mulbury develop as we continue to work together over the coming years.’’

Everyone at Kenny Waste Management welcomes the positive news of our partnership with Mulbury and we can’t wait to work with an exciting new customer.

Kenny Waste Management