Pledging Better Social Value in Salford

We’ve been part of the Salford community since 1985, and we have always been committed to doing the right thing by being a good neighbour and investing to improve our surroundings.

In March 2022, we attended the Social in Salford event at MediaCityUK as part of a group including other local businesses; we took part to collectively renew our 10% pledge commitments and celebrate all that we’ve achieved together so far.

The aim of these pledges is to support People, Planet, and Prosperity, a framework laid out by the 10% Better campaign, generating social value by tackling inequality and poverty in our local areas. By committing to consistent positive changes, on an upward curve, we are confident that we can maximise local benefit from economic activity (money spent) in Salford.



Building resilience and strength in our local area by fostering community spirit.


Improving local environment to benefit people’s wellbeing and increasing environmental sustainability.


Reducing poverty, increasing local economic benefits, and providing quality employment opportunities.


Our Pledges

We have pledged that we will contribute to the campaign and make 10% improvements in the areas listed below:

10% more classroom time:
Increase our offering to help students understand the potential in different career choices and be inspired by options for the future.

10% more paid work placement hours:
Increase our paid employability support to those who are finding accessing the workplace challenging.

10% more apprenticeship weeks:
Extend our support to those who are interested in earning while learning across the entire business.

10% more hours to the community:
Bolster our community investment via our employee volunteer scheme.

10% more sustainable commuting:
Encourage more employees to commute to work sustainably, such as by walking, cycling, or taking the bus.

Additionally, we remain committed to paying the real Living Wage to all our directly employed staff and to prioritising Salford based businesses during the procurement process.

Our Outcomes

Our pledge will contribute to improving the following outcomes for the City of Salford:

  • Less waste
  • More recycling
  • More volunteering
  • More Salford people with good wellbeing
  • More companies paying the Living Wage Foundation’s real Living Wage
  • More people who are in employment, education and training
  • More purchasing from Salford-based companies

We are always looking for ways in which we can improve our impact in our local area, such as through our charity partnership with Salford Foundation. If you would like to get involved or feel that someone you know could benefit from one of our opportunities, please get in touch with Alex Mayes, our Responsible Business Manager:


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