Social Enterprise of the Month

We are very proud to announce that Kenny Waste Management Social Enterprise Ltd (Driving Change) has been awarded Social Enterprise of the Month by EQUANS. Our social enterprise was selected based on its mission, its vision, and the outstanding work of everyone involved.

EQUANS is a market leader, empowering transitions in the energy sector, technical services, and facilities management. Being an autonomous business within ENGIE group, EQUANS has been our partner for over three years.

By treating waste as a resource, Kenny Waste Management offer a reduction in costs associated with waste disposal and an improved environmental impact, sending less than 1% of waste to landfill. Our sector-leading waste reporting provides businesses with detailed information about their waste that is transparent, accurate, and uniform across the whole of the UK.

We understand that some people who face personal challenges are determined to make positive choices and change their own lives. That’s why we set up our own social enterprise. Led by the core values of inclusion, trust, and growth, Driving Change is addressing some of the biggest barriers to employment.


By partnering with our business via Driving Change, EQUANS is actively helping to support our social enterprise activities:

  • Offering long-term jobs, training, and qualifications to the most disadvantaged
  • Supporting local communities by volunteering and making our Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) available for educational visits
  • Protecting our planet by reducing emissions as well as diverting more than 99% of waste from landfill

For more information on Kenny Waste Management Social Enterprise’s programmes, goals, and impact, please visit our dedicated Driving Change page.

Kenny Waste Management