Wellbeing Workshop for Our Waste Partners

As a business, Kenny Waste Management operates on a “together we can achieve more” mindset. We have taken a strategic approach to being a Responsible Business. The four pillars that underpin our Responsible Business strategy are Our People, Our Planet, Our Communities, and Our Partners.

Our People stand at the heart of our business, and we are committed to building a strong, resilient, and positive culture. We have joined with a leading UK health and wellbeing provider, We Are Wellbeing, to implement a range of support activities to enable our people to live healthy and happy lives.

We refer to the businesses in our supply chain as Our Partners because that’s exactly what they are. We audit our partners to ensure our values and practices align, and those partnerships are more cohesive when that kind of trust and commitment goes both ways.

Having recently partnered with We Are Wellbeing, we saw an opportunity to share some of their insights by designing and delivering a bespoke workshop for our partners. We want more businesses to raise awareness of the important issue of Mental Health and Wellbeing and support their teams on a personal and professional level.

One key challenge business leaders face in the workplace is a rise stress, burnout and loss of productivity due to mental ill-health, the following statistics put this into perspective:

  • 1 in 4 people experience mental health difficulty every year
  • 1 in 6 employees report experiencing those difficulties
  • Mental illness costs UK businesses £42bn per annum, and the whole UK economy £99bn

The effects of the pandemic, including huge changes to the way we live and work, mean it’s now more important than ever for employers to build resilience and empower managers to support their teams. Workshops and sessions like these can be an important step in building a culture that allows everyone to flourish and reach their potential. It’s about empowering people at all levels in the organisation.

The session was hosted by Andy Romero-Birkbeck, We Are Wellbeing’s founder and a passionate expert in the field, told us:

“It’s fantastic to see organisations like Kenny Waste Management taking a measured whole business approach to Wellbeing in the workplace.  Not only have they taken the time to consider how to implement wellbeing at all levels internally they have facilitated sessions to their network of partnered businesses too.  This type of approach to inclusive approach involving their partners in their wellbeing strategy is a brilliant example for larger businesses and SMEs to follow. It is what makes the difference between ticking the box and a genuine culture of support and wellbeing.”

By focussing on desired outcomes, working with evidence-based frameworks, and giving examples of goals with realistic timeframes, We Are Wellbeing are well placed to offer businesses real insight into mental health and wellbeing. Building a more positive workplace culture requires a sustained effort, making simple and achievable changes. This session gave our waste partners the opportunity to benefit from the same insights that are shaping our strategy.

If you are looking to create a workplace where people thrive and want to learn directly from their industry experts, you can visit We Are Wellbeing’s dedicated insights page.

Sharon from Reston Waste, who participated in the workshop, commented:

“Kenny Waste Management provided me with some useful and helpful information with regards to Mental Wellbeing in the workplace. They invited me to attend the online seminar and I’m so glad I did.

I found the course very informative and I learnt a few tips to help understand the way stress and anxiety can impact on daily lives, including how to help individuals in my team who may be suffering from Mental Health issues but may feel embarrassed to broach the subject with management. Mental illness is still a taboo subject these days and I felt this course gave me tips on how identify signs and triggers of stress among my team members and also with myself.

Thank you very much for letting me join the seminar and I will definitely be looking for more courses that can help myself and colleagues understand more about Mental Wellbeing.”

John from One Waste, who also participated, said:

“We are pleased with the good work that Kenny Waste Management are doing in helping to both support and promote Mental Wellbeing, and for sharing the opportunity so that partners such as One Waste can gain a better understanding and in turn use this knowledge along with the tools and techniques presented within our business.”

Hilary James, Supply Chain and Account Manager here at Kenny Waste Management, explained:

“The workshop made this topic accessible in a way that really impressed me. It’s clear that sessions like this are important to making our goals a reality and I’m looking forward to facing the challenges with all this practical knowledge. I’d encourage anyone experiencing mental health issues to reach out, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about.”

We are eager to continue providing unique value to our people and our partners. To learn more about our waste partners, click here.


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