Brewers Blog: Life as a Kenny Waste Management Apprentice

Being young and inexperienced always has the potential to be a barrier in the jobs market. Therefore, when I was given the opportunity to be supported through a degree apprenticeship, by Kenny Waste Management, I was hugely grateful.

The first time I visited KWM Waste Processing Facility in Little Hulton, Manchester, I was given a lasting impression of the streamlined and efficient company processes. Every new starter in the office receives a site tour to allow for further understanding of the wider areas within the business. This was extremely helpful, especially for someone with little experience, as I was able to gain insight into the company I was being employed by.

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I have now been in the employment of KWM for 3 months and within this period, I have learnt an incredible amount. This has included expanding my knowledge, not only of the waste industry, but also the wider world of work. This was a key reason why I decided to do an apprenticeship rather than attend university full time. There is no substitute for experience in the workplace and that’s why I am extremely happy to have been offered the chance to carry out a wide range of tasks over my first 3 months.

One of the main areas I have become involved with over my first few months, is the marketing and social side of the business. This has included writing a series of content for our website pages as well as taking significant control of the company’s social media accounts. This ongoing task is extremely worthwhile and enjoyable as social media is becoming increasingly relevant for our company. Having worked closely with the leadership team, we have planned the incorporation of regular posting across our social channels which has led to a large increase in followers and post reach and engagement.

Seeing the development of these channels over recent months has been a hugely positive and I am looking forward to continuing to implement our marketing strategy over the coming months.

I’ve also been involved in writing blog posts for our websites (www.kennywastemanagement and ) news function, this is a skill which I have also been keen to develop over the past 3 months. Keeping existing and new customers and partners up to date is key in any business, that is why we have adopted the strategy of regular informative blog posts to facilitate this.

I realised quickly that a lot of work must go into a news article before a final version can be published. It may take many drafts before the finished post can be uploaded, ensuring it’s on point and engaging to the end reader.

At first this can be frustrating, however I soon realised it is a crucial exercise. All the work is worth it as it is incredibly satisfying when the final version is posted on our website and hopefully, I will be writing many more in the near future.

As well as my scheduled work in the marketing department, I have also been involved in Kenny Waste Management’s recent endeavours to achieve ISO accreditation. To help the company reach its goal, I communicated with multiple department heads to organise meetings with them and a consultant to the company. Within these meetings, we worked together to map out the company processes in each department. Not only would this help our quest to become ISO certified, but it also helped me on a personal level. I am now much more familiar with the ins and outs of each department, which is extremely beneficially with my current roles.

November saw me become involved in a foodbank collection and donation to the local Trussell Trust Foodbank in Farnworth. My role in the project included communicating the core messaging surrounding the project as well as ensuring that significant storage space was thought about. In a campaign like this, it is imperative that all details are clear so that the project is given the best chance to succeed. As this was the first project that I led, it is natural that there were areas that could have been improved upon, however I was incredibly proud to see all our amazing staff come together to raise 273Kg worth of food for disadvantaged people in Greater Manchester. The fantastic donation would never have been possible without a suburb collective effort and I am eager to take part in more projects like this in future.


In addition to my work-based responsibilities, I have also begun my degree course over recent months. The opportunity to learn alongside working has been the perfect combination in allowing me to develop. 20% of my working time is spent towards my university study and the tasks set through the course directly relate to my work functions. Therefore, the two compliment each other well and will aid my development in the coming months.

I ‘m very happy with how my initial 3-month period as a Kenny Waste Management apprentice has gone. The level of opportunity that has been given to me has allowed for crucial experience to be gained in many areas of the business. I am excited to continue my learning over the coming months and maximise my development.

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