Community Focus: Lache Allotments with VINCI Construction

Waste management is a vital part of any regeneration project. Breathing new life into a building or area that has fallen into disrepair will usually generate some amount of waste. That waste could come from a number of sources, including old materials, which can no longer be relied on, or discarded packaging from the fresh materials used in new structures.

In October, volunteers from VINCI Construction UK’s team joined Neighbourhood Partnership group, Lache, together with supply chain partners BORA and HE Simm, to provide a make-over to garden allotments near to the Chester Northgate project site.

The Chester Northgate project, awarded to VINCI Construction UK in 2020, is designed to transform the city’s historic core, ensuring that Chester bounces back from the pandemic by providing a catalyst for economic recovery. Working with Sanctuary Housing, which manage more than 6,600 homes in and around Chester, the VINCI team offered to help local residents by rejuvenating the allotment area.

Some of the VINCI team examined the allotments in person, highlighting overgrown areas that could benefit from some attention. A large part of the allotments had become unusable, and the VINCI team noted the need for landscaping and reconstruction work.

The VINCI-led team, which included Andrea Hayes, Jamie Brown, Jon Dewar, and Sam Finch, donated their time, skills, and materials to complete a range of activities to enhance the allotments. This included the pruning of trees and bushes, dismantling of raised beds that had rotted wood and the removal of all vegetation and debris.

Matt O’Gara, Director of BORA construction, donated new soil and bark for the project, while Richard Purdey from Lee Brothers donated the wheelbarrows and spades. Many thanks are also owed to Tony Quinn, HE Simm, who donated his time and an enormous amount of effort to the project.

Having worked closely with VINCI for many years, Kenny Waste Management were delighted to take the opportunity to get involved. We donated a skip, via our waste partner Nick Brookes Group, to help make the project go as smoothly as possible. While the skip was quickly filled with weeds and rotten wood, some flower bulbs and vegetables were recovered for replanting. In the end, 99.74% of the waste removed was recycled and diverted from landfill.

Andrea Hayes, Project Administrator at VINCI Construction, commented:

“The bonus of having the skip made the task of clearing the allotment so much quicker as we were able to consolidate the gardening waste in one go! Thank you so much Kenny Waste Management.”

Maxine Dearden (left) – Senior Field Account Manager at Kenny Waste Management

Andrea Hayes (centre) – Project Administrator at VINCI Construction

Sam Finch (left) – Senior Construction Manager at VINCI Construction


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