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Apprenticeships are a fantastic way for people to gain skills and enter into a new career, such as marketing. Whether you are an individual with limited work experience, or someone looking for progression in a new industry, an apprenticeship can offer you structured education, hands-on learning, and a wage all at the same time.

As a Responsible Business, we celebrate the positive social and economic impact of apprenticeships. They are fully integrated into our objectives and strategy.

For National Apprenticeship Week 2022, we are interviewing several of our apprentices to learn more from them about what makes doing an apprenticeship such a valuable experience. Today, we are talking to Jack about his role as a Digital Marketing Apprentice.

Jack has worked at Kenny Waste Management for just over 6 months, with his apprenticeship training having started in August last year. His course is set to conclude later this year and he is excited about the options for further progression that the company offers.

What did you do before working as an apprentice here at Kenny Waste Management?

“I mainly worked as a copywriter and journalist. The skills I brought from that world have proven really valuable to the team, but I’ve learned so much since coming here.”

Why did you decide to do an apprenticeship here?

“I was interested in expanding my digital skillset and Kenny Waste Management is a company that gels nicely with my environmental values.”

What is your favourite thing that you have learned since starting?

“Learning about the waste hierarchy and the technical side of waste management has been a really engaging experience. I still have a lot to learn and getting exposure to the practical realities of waste management is the right classroom for me.”

What is something that surprised you since starting here?

“The variety of routes for progression and professional development. Digital Marketing is an exciting field with many different aspects, and Kenny Waste Management is a fast-growing company where you have the chance to prove yourself in unexpected ways.”

What usually takes up most of your day?

“Writing, analysis, and research in line with industry best practices.”

How do you take your coffee?

“In a mug, usually.”

What do you enjoy most about the job?

“Probably the research side of things, especially learning from experienced professionals within the business.”

What’s the most difficult part of your job?

“Meeting the requirements of multiple objectives and making sure that everyone is satisfied with the outcome.”

What advice would you give someone interested in working as an apprentice?

“Aim to have some idea of what you want to achieve, get specific, but stay open to the possibility that you’ll enjoy something unexpected.”

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