FORS Silver for Kenny Waste Management

In 2021, we gained our FORS Silver accreditation and this accomplishment comes as a result of significant investments in time, energy, and resources. This was achieved on our first attempt without any assistance from an external consultant. We are incredibly pleased with the result and proud of all our people who made this possible.

FORS stands for Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme, and our Bronze accreditation demonstrates good practice and compliance to our operator’s license. Our new FORS Silver accreditation means we’ve also gone above and beyond the industry standard by meeting tougher criteria for safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

In tandem, we also achieved full compliance with CLOCS, an organisation which sets high safety standards and are regularly considered the benchmark for community safety on construction sites.


Some of the ways we’ve improved our fleet operations include…

Fuel Efficiency

Installing new fuel tank monitoring systems and analysing usage to optimise our fuel efficiency.

Emissions and Air Quality

Directly monitoring our vehicle emissions as part of our commitment to reduce fuel consumption and vehicle emissions.

Noise Pollution

Upgrading our vehicles and training staff to reduce noise levels in the communities in which we operate.

Improved Sensors

Installing new warning systems and 360° cameras on our vehicles to prevent accidents.

Road Safety

Facilitating proactive road safety campaigns for our employees with clear objectives and measures for success.

Safe Urban Driving

Providing training for our drivers to recognise the issues faced by pedestrians, cyclists, and other vulnerable road users.


Raising awareness, security, and vigilance to safeguard against potential security and terrorist threats.


Actively promoting the requirements of the FORS Standard across our organisation.


Each of these improvements is an achievement in its own right. Together, they make for an exceptional accreditation that enables us to go further than ever before.

We passed FORS Silver with flying colours, thanks to a lot of dedication from a number of amazing people. Lauren Ball, our S.H.E & Transport Manager and lead on this project, told us:

“I want to say thank you to all the drivers, who dedicated themselves to the new training and have adapted really well to all the improvements. Our fantastic garage team also deserve credit for the great work they have done to bring our vehicles up to spec. A huge well done to everybody who made this success possible.”


We are already working hard to meet the criteria to achieve FORS Gold in the future. To learn more about our licenses and accreditations, click here.

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