Work Experience with The Manchester College

As part of our close relationship with The Manchester College, our team recently delivered a successful 5-day work experience programme for Level 2 Marketing students. The students all applied themselves to the opportunity, and we are very pleased with the outcomes.

Last year, Kenny Waste Management led a 5-day virtual work experience programme for learners at The Manchester College. Our team wanted to capitalise on that success, dedicating more resources to the delivery of a range of useful, in-person work experience activities in 2022.

The students who took part in this year’s June programme learned from the expertise of staff representing different departments within Kenny Waste Management. We were pleased to see such a highly engaged group get involved to learn more about what it means to be a responsible business, the ethics and technical knowledge behind a successful marketing strategy, and the key components to ensuring customer satisfaction.

To help develop business skills and confidence, participating learners were asked to present to their peers and the facilitators each day.



“I did a week’s work placement for Kenny Waste Management, and it was a really good experience that I will always remember. At first, I didn’t have the confidence to present in front of so many people but now I have overcome it and now I also know how to talk in a professional way”.

– Amna, Participant and Learner at The Manchester College


At the conclusion of this year’s 5-day work experience, students were expected to deliver a “Dragon’s Den” style pitch to offer their own innovative approach to marketing in the waste sector. This final task challenged students to apply all their learning from throughout the week, presenting their own business proposal for a prespecified waste management solution.


“I was extremely impressed by the level of competency the students had. Many of the ideas were very creative, and some have even inspired us to think differently in certain areas.”

– Ben Swindells, Commercial Waste Sales Manager at Kenny Waste Management


“It was wonderful to see my learners progress throughout the week and watch their confidence soar. I have no doubt that every student benefitted greatly from taking part in the week-long work placement and I know every one of them enjoyed the experience.”

– Ellie Mitchell, Business Tutor at The Manchester College



We are committed to continue providing opportunities that help individuals to discover their potential and find a future direction for their career. If you would like to get involved with one of our work experience opportunities, or collaborate with us in providing one of these programmes, please get in touch. Alex Mayes, our Responsible Business Manager, is keen to hear from you:

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